My Summer Bucket List: A Seasonal Separation

I’m breaking the mold. Normally I’d bring you poetry or a story or some perhaps lightly too-subverted philosophy hidden in shoes. But today is not only Sunday but exactly a week before I get to go home for the summer!  I haven’t started packing, in fact, right now I’m sat with my elbows resting on […]

Even Though I’m A Woman

I’m missed those faces, even though I’m a woman now. I walked away because I love you more when I miss you, but no less I love you. No luggage weighing me down, its presence halted by the sunset from a duller day my steps fleed from. My mind over filled, a release of words […]

The Origins Of Today

Once upon a time there was a Godess. Her symbol was a hare and she was celebrated and worshipped in many ancient lands. Her names are many between Eostre and Ishtar and other alike. But she represented many things. Spring, fertility, April and new life. The celebrated rich traditions of this goddess saw pagan women […]

My Whistle-stop Italian trip. Part 1- Rome and The Monastery

I worked all summer, I worked nearly everyday and between a summer romance and my utter drive to exercise and fast; I became prepared for the adventure I was about to find. On the 30th August 2013 I got on my very first plane, all by myself and saw the clouds in all there beauty…And […]

A downhill Spiral

A single word, Tumbling down a long set of stairs, Placed in the right place for all to see, and then it sticks with everyone one of them, and another word is released to make sure you can’t unwedge it, The damage is done and is irreversible. Then you realise the person who caused the damage, who […]

How to Fill an afternoon in 22 pages

My browser has 22 tabs open: 12 are asking me to learn something new and maybe write about it, 6 are giving me option of various ways I could travel and all the places I could go to, 3 are showing me that other people have and will continue to follow in the wonder-lust steps […]

Walking Backwards and growing

We are unlearning life, We are unlearning how to love, We unlearn to see all good, Yet we learn bad, And dislike, And how to find ease in a life where comfort will never allow us to live fully. So some get stuck, some are left in certain times, some never move forward, But you have […]

What do you sacrifice for love?

I have the most wonderful friends, but a constant thirst I can’t quench. I live in the smallest of places and love is a constant talking point, but those who don’t find someone start to lose that love. I have seen it happen to those around me who have just given up or moved away, […]