My Summer Bucket List: A Seasonal Separation

I’m breaking the mold. Normally I’d bring you poetry or a story or some perhaps lightly too-subverted philosophy hidden in shoes. But today is not only Sunday but exactly a week before I get to go home for the summer!  I haven’t started packing, in fact, right now I’m sat with my elbows resting on […]


I have considered this in many ways, found many words on many pages. But Instead I’d rather tell you a story: I once knew a boy, he was almost 21 but not yet a man because of the year in which he’d left himself. His charm would light up a room, by which I mean […]


Rolling off my tongue like a wave and just as a refreshing. The warm air hit me as the water surrounded me, this afternoon I was drowning in news of a betrayal I’ve never before known. But now know who my friends are, and I’ve met a new friend whose company I so thoroughly enjoy. […]