Summer Day 3: ”Just a Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy”

I arrived home in the later hours of Sunday, started to unpack and fell asleep next to the mountain of clothes I had accumulated in my year away. Day one saw new shoes, too many errands but a happy pile of book situate their selves in the space that wasn’t being used for my unpacking. […]

Don’t stop until you’re happy as a cloud!

Take three steps forwards and five back… Then a Christmas tree hits you in the face and its not a problem anymore. Alongside everything I do, I study, and half way through the beginning chapter of my shiny new city life I found out, much to my dismay, that my tutor was not going to […]

Ten reasons why packet cake mixes are only for emergencies

My flatmate this evening made a packet mix cake, the results are never good in looks or taste but here are my ten main reasons of why it is not good, and why you should make your own: 1. Packet mixes will never taste anywhere near as good no matter how much butter cream and […]

Freedom is like a butterfly, bound only by the earth on which it reigns.

I had to answer today what it would be that constitutes a free society, Diverting slightly I came to the conclusion that we are the most free as children, unbound by the burden, enjoying the life as we wish to act it, free of many restrictions. To have a lesser knowledge (if we can have […]

Train of thought…

On an increasingly speedy journey from thought to epiphany, I decided to take the train on a different route and as I hop onto the platform I realize that the train was going to quickly and I’ve missed my stop, so I travel back and forward on other linesĀ and at the end of the day […]

A courtsey…

It’s probably time I introduced myself without being rude and leaving it to the blurb. But seeing as today (despite things being in order of when I wrote them) is the day of my launching this blog, as somewhere to share what makes me happy (because my flat mates tire quickly of my mostly optimistic […]

All of my flaws are layed out one by one.

This title may be a song quote but it illuminates how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been seeing the good in everyone so much that I’ve felt as though my flaws have been layed out like a jigsaw puzzle, and I’m slowly but surely piecing it back together. The last few months have given me […]

Thinking, not Just eating

After carefully preparing strawberrys and raspberries, chopping and lightly sprinkling with sugar I sit down to consume with melted chocolate, but before I do I note the colour, the texture, how they compliment my plates in colour and pattern. To sit and eat is easy, but if we notice the form of what we are […]