The Groves

I wandered through wispy trees blind in the darkness of the fading woods, the brambles searing my feet as I stumbled forward. For days I walked the earthy maze, the bows would break and I would find that long the sun, I’d left behind. My face I’d lost, my name I’d never known and hope […]

We are the ones who got away!

We are the avid tea drinkers, those who stop to consider the beauty of a flower, and those who wear the slowly wilting of the group in our hair to allow them final moments of light.   We are those whose heads are in the clouds, away in places far, near and as yet undiscovered, […]

A lifetime

Day 1, they are nought but seeds which shall grow into beautiful things if nurtured correctly. Day 2, from those tiny seeds the smallest of bright coloured shoots emerges, a delicate thing that requires only sunlight, the air it breathes, nutrients from the ground and water. Day 3 That shoot has grown tall and strong […]