This Girl Is Beautiful.

If you’re sat there reading this thinking the same as me; if your face has ever lit up about something. if your words have ever become so filled with passionate anger or you’re speaking with your arms more loudly than your words or not even using words at all but changing the world with a […]

We are the ones who got away!

We are the avid tea drinkers, those who stop to consider the beauty of a flower, and those who wear the slowly wilting of the group in our hair to allow them final moments of light.   We are those whose heads are in the clouds, away in places far, near and as yet undiscovered, […]

A courtsey…

It’s probably time I introduced myself without being rude and leaving it to the blurb. But seeing as today (despite things being in order of when I wrote them) is the day of my launching this blog, as somewhere to share what makes me happy (because my flat mates tire quickly of my mostly optimistic […]