This Girl Is Beautiful.

If you’re sat there reading this thinking the same as me; if your face has ever lit up about something. if your words have ever become so filled with passionate anger or you’re speaking with your arms more loudly than your words or not even using words at all but changing the world with a […]

Bucket List Beginning: The Human and In Being

For once I was not led by the ingrained voice of my mother, I was led by my own. Walking down the busy street into town in a morning I regularly see the same homeless guy. He always looks clean enough and rarely says anything. Every time I walk into town I wish I had […]

A few bad habits…

I’ve had a few habits my whole life through my changing music tastes, my changing perspectives and my changing looks. When I was little I remember writing words so honest when I found them a few years later written on an old toy it really hit me emotionally. It kept happening but it’s only today […]

Universal Motivation

Today a friend asked me to give him motivation. So rather than searching the internet I left my phone at home and went for a walk in the rain. As it happened half way to my destination I had one of those moments when you realise what you want to say; In that moment I […]

Don’t wear the same jumper!

I’m sat in a room and we both knew before hand, I had been defiant and persisted in wearing it, despite your potential claim to have worn or owned it first. You were the only one who noticed and glared. This was unnecessary, we are all big girls, we are able to wear the same clothes […]

Three little thank you’s

Tonight I invested some time ,rather than watching TV or stumbling on new information, to say thank you to three people who matter. I have been looking into acts of kindness, and rather than beginning with strangers I have started with three people very close to my heart by means of my mum and two best friends. […]